Bring back the industry, it’s my dream

The Industry

Imagine we were born in a time that things were made by hand still.  I’d love to bring back the industry, its my dream. Picture yourself standing with a Candle Jig, dipping the wick into the molten wax and bringing it back up again to cool. Repeating the same until your candle was the right size. a huge team of hardworking men and women, laughing and singing sea shanties to accompany our rhythmical labour. 

Handmade means Handmade

At Emily’s candles we make everything [that we possibly can] by hand. Our dipped candles are done the exact way I have mentioned above, dipped by hand. Our Container candles are poured from jugs by hand. We measure fragrance and wax into vessels, by hand. We wax the wicks, and wick the candles ourselves. Polishing and labelling also.


Did you know manufacturing in the UK started in homes and outhouses. Similar to how businesses expand today in the 21st century. Then we revolutionised into hundreds of factories built in the UK adding in power machines. However following in from the second world war the industry started to decline. Iron, steel and textile factories closing down one by one. Britain began to import from overseas. Of course they did! because everything is cheaper overseas.

Mass made candles available in just about every shop in the UK they are brought in to the UK from overseas. Labour is much cheaper in China than it is here in the UK. We should be proud of the standards we keep and look out for locally made goods when your out, lets steer clear of overseas purchases.

I can dream, right?

My dream is to take on one of these old factory buildings. Hiring local people to make candles like they used to! Like I said by hand the mixing the pouring etc. Actual hard work and determination. Every staff member will be happy as Larry and they’ love coming to work because work should be enjoyable and you should love what you do. A business I can hand down to my children and theirs.

Sadly I don’t think this will ever happen, but the dream is there and I’ll envisage it however I like

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